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March 2019 Newsletter

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March 2019

Everything Old is Not New Again...

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From early x-ray images to today, medical imaging has become a crucial element in the modern healthcare system. Modern radiology provides today's physicians with a fast and accurate diagnosis to facilitate the improvement in health outcomes and quality of life for the patients. However, this 'fast and accurate diagnosis' is often dependent on the equipment used to take the x-ray. A major factor in the 'fast and accurate diagnosis' is age and the modernity of technology of the equipment used in our healthcare facilities today.


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Shimadzu RADspeed Pro MF

Shimadzu RADspeed Pro MF

The Shimadzu RADspeed MF is a general floor mounted radiographic system. Designed with an advanced level generator designed to produce sharp and x-ray images.The compact tube support provides greater working space.

Canon CXDI Digital Detectors

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Known worldwide for image quality, Canon, Inc. pioneered DR Technology with the introduction of the world’s first digital radiography detector in 1997 and has sold over 40,000 detectors worldwide!

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