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Trinias Interventional X-Ray

Dates Available: 8/7

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

Trinias has designed in smart form with pleasant colors such as light-green and white. This intelligent design inspires both patients and clinical users with confidence and relax.

Customize for your efficient workflow

SCORE StentView, which allows you to enhance stents and fix their position in dynamic images in real time, is exactly software developed to support PCI. It is effective to make sure the positional relationship when overlaying stents and/or when re-extending balloon in a deployed stent. In addition, the ROI setting function that enables automatic detection with multiple markers improves detection efficiency and contributes to shortening procedure time.

"SCORE StentView" displaying stents moving with heartbeat in a fixed position in real-time

Shimadzu’s digital image processing, provides excellent fluoroscopy and radiography image quality at minimum possible radiation dose. Various FOV selections up to 17x17 inches, support all clinical cases.

This is a 30 Minute Webinar

Shimadzu Trinias


FLUOROspeed X1

Dates Available: 8/12

Patient Side R/F System

X1 is designed for a wide variety of users in diverse situations, making it ideal for a multitude of examinations such as: orthopedics, radiographic studies, barium studies, swallow study, endoscopy, and much more. Shimadzu’s state-of-the-art digital imaging provides the highest image quality while minimizing X-ray dose level. The versatility of our system configurations make your daily clinical workflow faster, more precise and highly efficient.

A system designed for various clinical needs

The system has been thoughtfully designed to consider all users in a diversity of situations, making it ideal for a wide variety of examinations, such as Orthopedics, General Radiography Studies, Barium Studies, Endoscopy, Urology and Angiography etc. FLUOROspeed X1 edition’s wide, clean, and seamless tabletop, has a high patient weight capacity (up to 650lbs.) making it bariatric friendly.

This is a 30 Minute Webinar

Shimadzu FLUOROspped X1


Sonialvision G4

Dates Available: 8/13

Best in Class. Multi-Functional Universal R/F System

The system has been thoughtfully designed to consider all users in a diversity of situations, making it ideal for a wide variety of examinations, such as Orthopedics, General Radiography Studies, Barium Studies, Endoscopy, Urology, and Angiography etc. Long imaging chain’s movement capability and 17 × 17 inches wide field FPD will provide you more than 2.0m long patient coverage without moving a patient, which enables you to perform all kinds of examinations in very safe conditions.

Comprehensive Dose Reduction and Management

SONIALVISION G4 achieves comprehensive dose reduction as a total system, equipped with various functions to reduce radiation exposure levels effectively such as removable grid, ideal Grid-controlled Pulsed fluoroscopy, new collimator with Multi Beam Hardening (MBH) filters, Virtual Collimation and above-mentioned high quality imaging ability itself will also contribute to even further dose reduction possibility while keeping good output image quality.

This is a 30 Minute Webinar

Shimadzu Sonialvision G4

Alpha Imaging


Dates Available: 8/17, 8/19, 8/21

Improved Efficiency and Workflow

Programmable, automatic C-arm positioning provides improved throughput and easy access around patient table

Advanced System Capabilities

Industry-leading table width of 27.5 inches holds a weight limit of 660 pounds which offers the ability to image bariatric patients

Advanced Ergonomics

inControl remote and tableside touchscreen monitors provide easy access to all functions for system movements and image optimization.

This is a 30 Minute Webinar

Alpha Imaging Intelli-C



Dates Available: 8/23

Are you prepared for the next...

CyPHIPrepare Emergencies

CMS Mandate

On November 16, 2016, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) put into effect a new Emergency Preparedness Rule for hospitals, urgent-care facilities, long-term care facilities, ambulatory treatment centers, hospices, and others.

Is your facility in compliance?

CyPHIPrepare, by CAIPHI, is cloud-based, SaaS Emergency Preparedness Management System for Medicare and Medicaid providers and suppliers to demonstrate compliance with the annual survey and certification requirements of the Emergency Preparedness Rule.

This is a 60 Minute Webinar