Gen 7 - Native American Healthcare

Gen7 Healthcare is a visionary healthcare model developed to be “The Future of Native American Health.” Our model will dramatically enhance the quality of healthcare in Indian Country, while providing new and dynamic economic opportunities for Tribes.

We are a strategic partnership that combines extensive experience in healthcare technology and operations, as well as Tribal leadership, operations oversight and American Indian policy development.

Tribal leaders, are you asking yourself these simple questions about healthcare?

  • Is your Tribe completely satisfied with the current healthcare system?
  • Can your Tribe make money utilizing healthcare as a business?
  • How does your Tribe implement an advanced healthcare system?
  • Who has solutions to your Tribe’s healthcare dilemma?
  • How do we minimize travel for primary healthcare services?

About Us

This process is driven by strategy and best practices from Gen7 Healthcare is a collaborative effort between a number of prominent healthcare and Native-owned companies focused on Native American health. Our mission is to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered across Indian Country and provide significant economic opportunities to the Tribes we work with.

Gen7 Healthcare came together as a direct response to the healthcare challenges facing Native American Tribes and their surrounding communities. We have seen the erosion of care over time, the shortfall of budgets and the harm it has caused Native peoples. We understand that the current healthcare model used across Indian Country is fundamentally flawed in both operational and financial execution; and that something must be done to change it.

The Gen7 Healthcare model has been developed to provide Tribes with an advanced alternative healthcare delivery system for their members and the region in which the Tribe is located. The creation of a new Tribal healthcare enterprise will enhance a Tribe’s position as a Sovereign Nation, deliver a recession resistant business opportunity and provide significant economic growth for the Tribe.

Concept Origin

Indian Country faces many severe healthcare challenges. The vast majority of existing care does not meet the level of quality that Indian Country requires. Federal government appropriations cover approximately 50 to 60 percent of actual need within most Tribal communities. The technological needs of Tribes far outpace existing capabilities. And, more critical specialty healthcare services must be available at local Tribal facilities.

The current Indian Health Service (IHS) model is based on an outdated system that is decades old. Advancements in specialty care, surgery, diagnostics and more have lead to a far more robust and complex healthcare delivery system that is poorly suited for historical delivery models. Consequently, we believe that the model is beyond repair and must be replaced with a system specifically designed for current and future clinical and population needs.

Gen7 has taken a green-field approach to developing a new model for Tribes to meet the rapidly evolving needs of healthcare in the 21st century. Under the Gen7 model each Tribe can utilize current facilities, expand specialty care, implement state of the art technology, develop a robust physician to physician telemedicine program and utilize the resources of nationally known research and university hospital systems through partnerships with these entities.

Utilizing the Gen7 model Tribes can define the future of healthcare for their Native people, their surrounding communities and ultimately much of rural America. The Gen7 model is designed to work with existing IHS funding and enhance it through revenue expansion, cost efficiencies and much broader coverage for Tribal members.

The question that we want every Tribe to ask themselves is “are we providing the best healthcare for our people; if not, how can we”?


The transformational model we developed redefines self-determination through Native American ownership and Tribal control of regional healthcare services. It is different from any other methodology undertaken thus far because it is a comprehensive approach that touches all aspects of care delivery and financial impact. The model is based on existing healthcare capabilities and dramatically enhances care, access and financial viability through:
  • Redefined market demographics
  • Next generation IT platforms
  • On-site specialty care
  • Top-tier telemedicine programs
  • Partnerships with well respected healthcare companies and academic medical institutions
  • A patent-pending integration process
  • A revolutionary physician recruiting program
The model was specifically created to deliver modern clinical care to areas that have been historically underserved.

Gen7 Healthcare is designed for financial success and expansion that is recognized through:
  • Enlargement of the local healthcare market
  • Growth in healthcare services
  • Operational efficiencies that reduce cost
  • Creating the critical mass necessary for population health management
  • Development of new facilities
  • Business opportunities for new support companies
The model will fundamentally transform both the quality of care and financial performance of the Tribes we partner with.

Value Creation

Tribes that take control of their healthcare markets will capture one of the most powerful opportunities available to further define self-determination. Our model will accomplish this and much more.

Gen7 Healthcare delivers tremendous value for Tribes who implement the program. There are many benefits derived from the model, however value creation can be largely summarized into two general areas:
  • The best clinical care available
  • Diverse new business opportunities that will generate revenue and profit for the Tribes who participate
The Gen7 Healthcare model is centered first and foremost on delivering the next generation of outcome based care. We do this by providing access to more specialists, expanding the number and types of services available locally, partnering with recognized healthcare providers and academic medical institutions, recruiting the best physicians available, providing seamless information to all of the clinicians involved in the continuum of care, and measuring outcomes so we can continually improve.

The Gen7 model is possible because it establishes the critical mass necessary to offer a broad array of services. We do this by serving Native and non-Native populations alike. The Gen7 concept addresses the healthcare challenges faced by most rural populations; and is thus ultimately viable for rural markets across the United States. Gen7 Healthcare is the model through which healthcare in rural America will be delivered in the future.

In addition to outstanding care, a Gen7 Healthcare implementation will drive significant financial results. We can help Native American tribes recapture 50% or more of the money that is lost through outside referral arrangements and administrative fees. We dramatically expand the healthcare revenue base through larger service areas and the addition of new services. We implement efficiencies that lower costs and drive returns. And, the Gen7 model expands access to healthcare in a way that allows members and non-members to participate, while still honoring traditional culture and maintaining a direct focus on the Tribe and its members. Our model will deliver dramatic improvements in net revenue, substantially improve cash flows and drive solid returns on investment for Tribes who participate.


Gen7 Healthcare utilizes partnerships to deliver its concept. Partnerships provide us access to the highest level of expertise available in each discipline our model covers. These partnerships also help us mitigate risk, accelerate the delivery of services and ensure quality. Our dynamic group of corporate partners includes:

Ambulatory Integration Concepts

Ambulatory Integration Concepts, LLC is the leading healthcare integration solutions company in the United States. We offer our clients a continuum of integration services ranging from identifying opportunities, to traditional consulting services, to full turnkey outsourced integration activities. We utilize a patent-pending process along with decades of experience to deliver results for our clients.

Our team has integrated over $2B in acquired assets, worked on over 50 transactions, developed hundreds of capital projects and has extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare strategy, management and leadership. We have extensive experience in building and leading multi-disciplinary teams in both hospital and ambulatory environments. And, we know how to engage and motivate teams to excel.

The Chief Strategy

Chief Strategy Group (CSG) is a North Carolina based company that specializes in bringing financial strategies to both corporate and government organizations. Michell Hicks, the founder and president of the CSG has nearly 30 years of experience and 20 of those years at an executive level. Michell served 3 terms or 12 years as the Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians overseeing 5500 employees, numerous service programs, multiple operational divisions and several large scale enterprises, including Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and the Murphy Harrah’s River Valley Casino.

During his tenure as Principal Chief, he significantly enhanced healthcare services for the Tribe’s members by; constructing a state of the art hospital including a drive-thru pharmacy, a hospice care unit and a cardiac stress lab, constructing a women and children’s center with enhanced pediatric services, implementing advanced technology through the Tribe’s broadband enterprise to advance the MRI and CT scan processes for patients, creating a state of the art wellness center with an educational focus for all ages, re-opening an immediate care center to minimize use of the emergency room and created a family care center for employees and residents of the area, upgrading the diabetes and wound care centers to allow for advanced treatment of patients and constructing a 100 bed jail with advanced infirmary services for inmates.


Avreo® was founded in 1997 and is a leading provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Radiology, Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Picture Archival Communications Systems (PACS), Dictation, Transcription, and Report Distribution services. Avreo utilizes a single application, single database system. This innovative approach provides healthcare professionals with user-friendly access to information in one streamlined system. Avreo offers advanced technology and solutions tailored to a variety of healthcare organizations including hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups, multi-specialty organizations, and orthopedics.

Avreo utilizes an in-house engineering research and development division to create its own software solutions. The company continually seeks customer feedback and monitors market needs to ensure adjustments to its products and solutions can be made in a timely manner. Avreo’s team of experienced professionals can address any need a hospital or healthcare organization may have with the most advanced technology available.

CMS Imaging

CMS Imaging was founded in 1987 in Charleston, SC as an independent service organization that specializes in turnkey medical equipment implementation. Today CMS Imaging offers a broad range of medical imaging equipment and service solutions including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, and advanced fluoroscopic systems. CMS also offers an extensive array of strategic services including equipment lifecycle management, enterprise level capital equipment planning, and strategic project management.

With over 30 years of experience, CMS Imaging has built a reputation based on integrity, dependability, and continuous improvement. The company’s leadership team brings decades of experience to providing robust healthcare solutions and system implementation to a large number of clients including national health systems, regional hospital systems, ambulatory practices and others.


John Sloan

John Sloan
President - CMS Imaging, Inc.
Chairman and CEO of Avreo, Inc.
Chairman of Ambulatory Integration Concepts

Michell Hicks

Michell Hicks
CEO - Chief Strategy Group, Inc.

Richard Divers

Richard Divers
CEO - Ambulatory Integrations Concepts