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CXDI - 410, 710C and 810C Wireless DR System

Lightweight AED* Wireless Detectors

Flexible Charging Capabilities

  • Each CXDI-10 Series Detector includes a batter charger that can charge up to two batteries. An optional docking station (sold separately) is also available.
  • The Docking Station enables:
    • Detector check-in
    • Rapid battery charging while in the detector
    • Transfer of images from detector taken in Standalone Mode
  • Battery Charger
    • Charge up to (2) batteries
    • Compatible with batteries for CXDI-701C/801C/401C Wireless Detectors and CXDI-710C/810C/410C Wireless Detectors
    • Equipped with indicator lights
    • Included with CXDI-710C/810C/410C Wireless Detectors

IPX7 Rated

  • Each detector is IPX7 rated for submersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes*
    • * An IPX7 rating does not indicate compliance with, and the detectors have not been tested for compliance with, any other IPX_ratings.

CXDI Control Software NE

Canon CXDI 410C, 710C and 810C DR Panels
CXDI Control Software NE v2.16 is made exclusively for use with Canon CXDI Wireless Detectors and helps to optimize workflow and reduce steps needed to complete exams.
  • Auto stitching—up to 4 images
  • Windows® 7 and Windows 10 OS supported
  • Improved noise reduction capability over earlier CXDI versions
  • IHE Compliant
  • DICOM® Structured Dose Reporting
  • Supports Windows Defender, McAfee® VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.8, and ESET® Endpoint Anti-Virus 6.3.*
  • Scatter Correction Feature for non-grid exams (sold separately)
  • * Requires Windows® 10 OS.

Canon CXDI 410C, 710C and 810C DR Panels

Sleek Detector Design

The sleek, tough and ergonomically sculpted design includes the following features to facilitate the user and patient experience:
  • Comfortable to hold and easy to grip due to the lightweight and ergonomic handgrips sculpted into the detector.
  • High quality composite materials, low weight and designed with form and function in mind.
  • Easy to position and comfortable for patients and technologists due to smooth rounded corners.

Improve Workflow

Canon CXDI 410C, 710C and 810C DR Panels
Using The ‘Ready’ Function

When using multiple detectors in one room, a specific detector can be selected not only from the DR modality workstation but also simply by pressing the ‘Ready’ button directly on the detector or on the optional Status Indicator (sold separately).

On-Board Image Storage

The latest generation of Canon CXDI wireless detectors are equipped with limited, temporary on-board image storage capability when operated in Standalone Mode.

CXDI-710C/810C/410C Wireless Digital Radiography
Systems Specifications1

Canon 710C DR Panel Canon 810C DR Panel Canon 410C DR Panel

Model name:

CXDI-710C Wireless DR System CXDI-810C Wireless DR System CXDI-410C Wireless DR System


General Radiography


Cesium Iodide


5.07 lbs 3.97 lbs 6.17 lbs

Effective imaging

Approx. 351 x 427 mm
(Approx. 14 x 17 in)
Approx. 351 x 275 mm
(Approx. 14 x 11 in)
Approx. 416 x 427 mm
(Approx. 17 x 17 in)

External dimensions:

Approx. 384 x 460 x 15 mm
(Approx. 15 x 18 x .6 in)
Approx. 307.5 x 384 x 15 mm
(Approx. 12 x 15 x .6 in)
Approx. 460 x 460 x 15 mm
(Approx. 18 x 18 x .6 in)

Image matrix size:

2800 x 3408 pixels 2800 x 2192 pixels 3320 x 3408 pixels

Pixel size:

125 μm


4.0 lp/mm


A/D: 16 bit

Preview image time:

Approx. 1 second2

Cycle time:

Approx. 7 seconds2

Water resistance rating:

IPX7 ( For submersion in water up to 1 m for 30 min.)3

Battery performance:

Generator Connection mode
Max. 1000 images @ 7 sec. cycle, Avg. 140 images @ 100 sec. cycle.
Non-Generator Connection mode
Max. 1000 images @ 7 sec. cycle, Avg. 110 images @ 100 sec. cycle

Charging performance:

Detector charging in optional docking station: approx. 120 min.4
In battery charger: approx. 150 min.4

Wireless channel/band:

2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (W52, W53, W56, W58)5

1Specifications subject to change.
2Depending on acquisition mode.
3An IPX7 rating does not indicate compliance with, and the detectors
have not been tested for compliance with, any other IPX_ ratings.
4At an ambient temperature of 77º F.
5W53, W56 supports only in Module receiver mode.