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Bar-Ray is a worldwide leader in the radiation protection industry.

Clear Image Devices

Clear Image Devices

Clear Image Devices manufactures exam room acceessories for radiology machines, and new products developed for the latest medical imaging technology.

Fusion Ergo logo

Fusion Ergo

Fusion Ergo produces monitor mounts, medical furniture and accessories.

Oakworks logo


A broad line of imaging tables, ultrasound tables, physical therapy tables, exam/treatment tables, patient positioning devices, and accessories.

Pulse Medical logo

Pulse Medical Inc.

Pulse Medical offers an industry-leading lineup of lead aprons, x-ray glasses and other radiation protection products.

Reina Imaging logo

Reina Imaging

Reina Imaging offers Grids, Grid Caps, Weight Distribution Caps, DR Protection and Holders

Scan bands logo

Scan Bands

Scan-Bands manufactures patient positioning accessories created for all modalities that focus on safety and comfort during diagnostic imaging.

Seca Scales logo

Seca Scales

Seca Scales manufactures high-precision and functional medical scales.

TechnoAide logo

Techno Aide

A comprehensive catalog of medical supplies for radiology technologists online, featuring protective apparel, shields, x-ray markers, and more.

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