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October 2018 Newsletter

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October 2018

RSNA 2018

Visit us at RSNA for the opportunity to win a Wearable Fitness Tracker!

All visitors will be entered to win one of five fitness trackers per day*.

CMS Imaging will be hosted by Shimadzu Medical Systems at Booths #1332 & 1339.

To be entered in the daily drawing you must have an appointment with one of our Medical Account Managers to tour the latest offerings from Shimadzu from Sunday, November 25 - Thursday, November 26. Please register below for an appointment. Appointments are filling up fast, so be sure to register in advance.

*Please visit our RSNA Raffle Rules page on our website for all rules and regulations. -

Atrium Union G4

Atrium Health Union

Shimadzu Sonialvision G4 with a Radspeed 400khu Overhead Tube Crane join together to give this facility a true fluoroscopic / radiographic room designed for maximum throughput.

Southern Oncology Specialists

The Neusoft Neuviz 16 Essence will offer premier patient care with this cost-effective 16 slice.

Southern Oncology Specialist Neusoft Neuviz 16 Essence

CHS Lincoln G4

Atrium Health Lincoln

This Shimadzu Sonialvision G4 offers top of the line fluoroscopy while the Shimadzu Radspeed OHC works in conjunction to make this a multi-purpose, high-throughput room.

"Hey, you got any of those Visa Gift Cards?"

Cybersecurity and the Healthcare Industry


I am about to run into a meeting and need some Visa Gift cards for a customer. Can you run to the store and pick up $500 in Visa Gift cards and then send me the numbers?

By now, we all have received this email or know someone who has. The name is from someone in our organization, but the email address is not familiar. Maybe our coworker sent it accidentally from their personal email address? Perhaps they did, but chances are it is an attempt at getting you to send some money to someone you do not know.

Availity Logo

Automated Prior Authorizations

Authpal automates the prior authorization process, making it faster and easier to receive confirmation from the health plan. Determine almost immediately whether an authorization is required, submit it, and receive confirmation.

Neusoft 16 EssenceLogo

The Neusoft's NeuViz 16 Essence

Taking your imaging budget further. The Neusoft NeuViz 16 Essence offers cost-effective 16-slice computed tomography with multi-detector capabilities for maximum patient throughput in an exceptionally compact design.