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July 2019 Newsletter

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July 2019

The Intelli-C, a a multipurpose tilting C fluoroscopic imaging system

CMS Imaging announces the first clinical installation in the US of the Intelli-C at ImageCare

CMS Imaging
                announces the
                first clinical installation in the US of the Intelli-C at ImageCare

"We have been working with the Intelli-C for a few months now. It provides all that I need in my practice of diagnostic and interventional radiology. The configuration allows me to perform interventional procedures, gastrointestinal procedures, pain management applications, and orthopedic interventions, with low-dose radiation, without compromise in image quality. Even at low pulse rate fluoroscopy, there is excellent visualization of target structures."

Dr. Timothy P. Close, M.D. of Image Care, LLC.



Konica Minolta
and Shimadzu
Dynamic Digital Radiology

Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR) is not fluoroscopy, it is X-ray that moves. DDR is a series of individual large format (17" x 17") digital x-ray exposures acquired at high speed and low dose. The high-quality motion pictures of dynamic density and anatomical motion are ideal for offline and even remote analysis and review. DDR is the only exam that allows visualizing body functions on a large plane with low dose with a high enough resolution to evaluate soft tissue without contrast.

Canon showcases new and updated DR solutions at AHRA Annual Meeting.

Canon showcases new and updated DR solutions at AHRA Annual Meeting

Canon and Virtual Imaging, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A showcased the new RadPRO® Mobile 40kW FLEX PLUS Digital X-Ray System, DR Tablet Solution, and the new Single Shot Long-Length Imaging. The Single Shot Long-Length Imaging feature of CXDI Control Software NE Version 2.17 stitches long length images into a single image using multiple compatible CXDI detectors, a single x-ray exposure and the automatic stitching capability of the CXDI Software.

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MedCurrent Announces Partnership with CMS Imaging Inc. to Distribute OrderWise® Clinical Decision Support Solution

MedCurrent Corporation, a leader in radiology clinical decision support (CDS) solutions, today announced a partnership with CMS Imaging Inc., a premier healthcare solutions provider based out of South Carolina specializing in the sales and service of diagnostic medical imaging equipment. This partnership will see CMS Imaging distribute MedCurrent's OrderWise® clinical decision support platform as part of its comprehensive catalogue of health informatics solutions.

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A New Blog Post

Blog Post

Last week, I twisted my ankle playing in the backyard with my dogs. My dogs have me well trained; I throw the ball, they chase it, then they run away, making me then chase them to retrieve the ball. On one such circuit, my foot hit one of the holes one of my dogs had dug (I love my dogs!), and my ankle rolled in a manner that a 50+-year-old man's ankle should not move. After a quick check to ensure that none of my neighbors saw what happened, I picked myself up and limped into the house. After taking two ibuprofen and icing my ankle, the swelling did not go down, and my ankle was turning a lovely shade of purple. My next action was to ask my wife to take me to the local urgent care facility. At no point did I think to go to my local hospital's emergency room. It wasn't until after I returned home with doctor's orders to rest, take ibuprofen, and ice the offending joint, did I realize something interesting. That should this have happened six years ago; I would have gone to the hospital instead of an urgent care facility.

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