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May 2018 Newsletter

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May 2018

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Who is coming to the AHRA 2018?

Who is coming to Orlando? Have you registered yet? CMS Imaging will be attending and be present at the Shimadzu booth. We would love to see you and show you best technology in the imaging marketplace. For more information on the conference or to set up an appointment with CMS Imaging, please follow the links below.

*** The link for the AHRA Conference will take you to the AHRA website

Del Medical Vision R

Del Medical's Vision R is a mobile fluoroscopy unit designed for today's busy practice.

The Vision R is a surgical, feature-rich mobile system designed to perform a wide range of fluoroscopic applications. Its refined movement capabilities, high resolution, and dose efficiency make it a smart solution for procedures in surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiology, and pain management.

CHOA Atlanta

Children's Hospital of Atlanta Chamblee Brookhaven installs a Shimadzu Radspeed

The Children's Hospital of Atlanta's newest Urgent Care facility recently installed a Shimadzu Radspeed Auto 80kw with Speed Stitch in their Chamblee Brookhaven location. CMS Imaging is proud of our partnership with CHOA and invites you to take a look at some photos of the installation.

Shimadzu RadSpeed Pro DR

This DR Neutral Radiological Room allows you to choose the DR solution that works best for your practice. This 2017 Frost & Sullivan Award Winner is the perfect choice for busy practices that want the highest quality images and will increase your throughput.

RadSpeed ProDR

CMS Imaging News

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CMS Imaging welcomes Christopher Ryan to the Team!

How much are patients paying out of pocket for advanced imaging services?

Konica Minolta Healthcare Introduces KDR Primary to Meet the Digital Radiography Needs of Office-based Imaging Providers

CMS Imaging deploys a Shimadzu Radspeed 80Kw Auto and Auto Stitching with Canon 710c DR Panel at CHOA Chamblee Broohaven

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