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Supria Plus

Hitachi Supria Plus

Lower Dose, Compact Design

Maximize Efficiency with Powerful CT Capabilities
Experience enhanced workflow speed and clear CT image quality across a wide range of applications using 16 slice acquisition and up to 32 slice reconstruction. Access the latest dose awareness, reduction and management features. Benefit from a compact footprint, increased patient access, new energy efficient technologies and lower cost of ownership with Hitachi’s Supria Plus – Your compact computed tomography solution.

Supria Plus CT

Supria Plus CT

Outstanding Comfort and Experience For Your Patients

Supria Plus is meticulously designed with the patient in mind. Its large aperture, long table and high weight capacity comfortably accommodates patients of all sizes up to 500lbs. The latest Hitachi dose reduction technologies* surpass the XR-29 Smart Dose Standard and a larger 75cm gantry aperture in addition to a wide 47.5cm table with a long 180cm scannable range results in a more positive patient experience.

* In clinical use, dose saving features may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practices employed. Consultation with a radiologist and physicist are recommended to determine the appropriate dose needed to obtain diagnostic image quality for a particular clinical task.

75cm Gantry

Remarkably Compact Design

Supria Plus

To meet your needs and healthcare environment challenges, the Supria Plus is designed to be open, yet compact – fitting in nearly all existing CT rooms. And with Hitachi’s Eco Mode, a standard feature in every Supria Plus, energy used during idle periods is reduced by up to 35%.**

By minimizing siting costs, improving workflow processes, incorporating power reducing technologies and maximizing patient comfort, your investment in Supria Plus can translate into a faster return on investment.

** When compared to Hitachi Supria Plus without Eco Mode.

Supria Plus

Supria Plus’ Compact Design is Comprised of 3 Modules

Supria Plus Comes Equipped with State-of-the-Art Dose Reduction, Monitoring and Reporting Features

Supria Plus

Simple Dose Report

Supria Plus

Dose Check

Simple Dose Report

Provides a dose report embedded in the image series, available whenever and wherever the images are viewed.

Locked Protocols (Access Controls, XR-26)

Protects protocols from unintended changes (unless an authorized password is used) to ensure more consistent imaging results and avoid unintended dose changes.

Reduced kV Imaging

Allows selection of the lowest appropriate kV for the individual patients’ size — supports scanning at 80,100,120 or 140kVp.

Supria Plus Dicom

DICOM Dose Structured Report

High-end Imaging and Performance from a Compact CT

Patient-centric design and engineering excellence of Supria Plus puts you in control without compromising imaging performance. This makes the overall experience better for your patients in addition to more efficient and dependable for you.

Uncompromising Image Quality

Supria Plus Supria Plus Supria Plus
Supria Plus Supria Plus Supria Plus

Look to the Supria Plus for all your non-Cardiac applications and experience clear concise images, enhanced clinical value and shorter exam times.

Supria Plus is also capable of performing CT Colonography and low dose chest exams.

3D analysis can be enhanced by an available optional TeraRecon 3D Visualization Server.

Enhanced Workflow and Improved Efficiency

Supria Plus provides a convenient set of features to streamline your clinical processes.

Quick Protocol Selection User Interface

Streamlines patient registration and protocol selection.

Preview Scan

Real time image series display immediately upon scan completion enabling faster change over to next patient.

MPR Spine Mode

Automatically selects ideal MPR angles for spine exams.

Direct Injector Interface

Direct and automatic control of the injector from the operator’s CT Screen.

Fine Recon (Option)

Provides 32-slice reconstruction for enhanced MPR image clarity.

And efficiently utilize environmental resources:

Eco Mode

Hitachi designed technology that provides power saving capabilities making it possible to reduce consumed power up to 35% during idle periods*.

* When Compared to Supria Plus without Eco Mode
Supria Plus Supria Plus

Outstanding Support Services That Come with Hitachi’s Supria Plus

Exceptional imaging systems and life cycle value are what imaging professionals have come to expect from Hitachi. The Supria Plus is no different. We will always subscribe to a commitment of success in achieving your goals while offering the highest standard of patient care.

Seamless Site Planning and Installation

With a smaller gantry/table footprint, the Supria Plus is the ideal choice for replacing your older CT with little or no reconfiguration of room space. And you can depend on your Hitachi site planning expert to be there and guide you every step of the way.

On-site/Off-site Training

Comprehensive on-site applications training with no-charge follow up visits come standard with every Hitachi warranty and full service contract. So, when you need to update the skills of your existing workforce, or train new employees, the experts at Hitachi will do the training without added financial burden to your facility. Our on-site and corportate facility training programs (HITS) are continually revised so that the latest dose reduction strategies and best operating practices of Supria Plus are always at the forefront of your CT experience.

98% Uptime Guarantee

Expect reliability. Your system is running 98% of covered time during every quarter or you receive additional service at no cost.*

* See service maintenance agreement terms.

Sentinel™ Remote Service

Your Supria Plus warranty and service contract comes with remote service support including diagnostics, image review, raw data analysis, read error messages, monitor operating parameters and more.

Flexible Service Options

Every Supria service contract comes with flexibility to meet the needs and investment goals of your organization. From initial service warranty to long-term, full-service contracts, we will see that you are taken care of from service renewals and every day in between.

Marketing Assistance

Hitachi delivers comprehensive customer marketing support to help promote your facility to referring physicians and the local community. Patient Education Materials clearly differentiate Supria Plus CT from other diagnostic alternatives and prepare patients for their CT experience.