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Experience enhanced workflow speed and clear CT image quality across a wide range of applications using 64 slice acquisition and up to 128 slice reconstruction.

Fuji Scenaria View


SCENARIA View 128 is a powerful premium performance CT solution that provides dependable routine application capabilities with available advanced clinical modules for Interventional CT, extended coverage Shuttle Scanning (for Perfusion Exams), Cardiac CTA and Dual Energy examinations. The View employs 64 discrete detector and electronics channels over a 40mm detector coverage and reconstructs up to 128-slices per scan rotation.

Unique and clinically valuable capabilities of the View include:
  • Fujifilm's Next Generation Vision Model based Iterative Reconstruction capability "Intelli IPV" that can provide dose reduction up to 83% at the same image quality*
  • A wider 80cm gantry aperture, a more powerful 84kW generator provides up to 700mA operation
  • The advantages of the standard Auto Lateral Shift Table enables ±10cm lateral shift (20cm total shift range) providing easier and more accurate positioning of the patient’s anatomy of interest at the scan Field of View’s iso-center where spatial resolution is better than off-center
  • HiMAR Plus metal artifact reduction minimizes objectionable metal induced artifacts
  • The View includes XR-25 Dose-Check control and is XR-29 Smart-Dose Compliant, while providing FDA 510(k) Cleared Indication for use for Low-Dose CT lung Cancer Screening

Advanced Features

Optimized Positioning

Lateral Shift Table, ± 10CM
IntelliCenter Auto-Lateral Shift Table is the only standard table that can shift up to ± 10cm laterally (20cm total range) to:
  • Assist patient positioning
  • Reduce dose*
  • Improve spatial resolution

Fuji Scenaria View
Fuji Scenaria View

Multi-Bowtie Filters
Multi-Bowtie filter size selection, based on anatomy to be imaged, reduces radiation dose* in areas outside the filter’s field of view. When used together with the auto lateral shift table, off-center anatomy can be brought to iso-center and the smallest bow-tie filter utilized.

Patient Comfort

Higher Data Sampling Rate
SCENARIA View's higher data sampling rate provides faster anatomic coverage without sacrificing image quality and reduces motion artifacts.

Fuji Scenaria View
Fuji Scenaria View

Wide 80cm Gantry Aperture
A more open 80cm gantry aperture spaciously accommodates the most challenging patients.

550lbs. Table Weight Capacity
Higher standard weight capacity to accommodate larger patients up to 250 kg (550 lbs.).

Fuji Scenaria View

Lower Dose* Techniques

IPV – Iterative Reconstruction
IPV is Fujifilm’s Next-generation “vision modeled” iterative processing that provides dose reduction and overcomes a conventional IR weakness by IPV maintaining normal image texture that better matches the image texture appearance of Filtered Back Projection (FBP).

Utilizing IPV vs. conventional FBP reconstruction can provide*:
  • Dose reduction up to 83% at the same image quality (low contrast detectability)
  • Image noise reduction up to 90% at the same dose
  • Noise reduction rate control according to the IPV level used
  • Low contrast detectability improvement by up to 2.0X (100%) at the same dose
  • Natural image texture appearance (the shape of noise power spectrum) similar to that of FBP, even if using higher IPV strength level

Fuji Scenaria View
Fuji Scenaria View

Intelli EC Plus
Fujifilm’s proprietary 3D mA modulation technology, Intelli EC, automatically modulates mA to lower individual patient dose levels depending on patient anatomy and size and considering the level of iterative reconstruction selected. Intelli EC Plus can be set to provide real-time control of mA, to achieve a constant Noise Standard-Deviation in the resulting images.

Higher Data Sampling Rate
SCENARIA View's higher data sampling rate provides faster anatomic coverage without sacrificing image quality and reduces motion artifacts.

Fuji Scenaria View

Fuji Scenaria View

Reduced kV
Four settings support lower kV and dose based on individual patient size.

Lower kV provides lower dose for small and pediatric patients.
  • 80kV
  • 100kV
  • 120kV
  • 140kV

Reduced Dose for Cardiac CTA
ECG Dose Modulation reduces mA during the cardiac phases of a retrospectively gated exam that are not intended for image reconstruction.

Fuji Scenaria View
Fuji Scenaria View

Axial Snap-Shot Imaging
Pulses the X-ray “on” only during a phase of the cardiac cycle using prospectively gated step-and-shoot cardiac scanning – reducing radiation dose.

Dose Reporting and Awareness
SCENARIA View provides both DICOM Dose Structured Report and a Simple Dose Report to satisfy the full range of your IT and physician reading dose reporting needs. And, SCENARIA View includes Dose Check, compliant with NEMA XR-25, to monitor for exam doses that may exceed notice or alert levels.

Fuji Scenaria View

*In clinical practice, the use of Intelli IPV may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. Image noise is defined as the standard deviation of pixel values within an area. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. Low contrast detectability (LCD) and/or image noise were assessed using reference factory protocols comparing Intelli IPV and FBP. The LCD measured in 0.625 mm slices and tested using the MITA CT IQ Phantom (CCT189, The Phantom Laboratory), using model observer method.

Image Gallery

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Scan Paramaters
  • Rotation times (seconds): 0.35, 0.4, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 2.0
  • Data collection speed: 2880 views per second
  • Minimum Slice thickness (mm): 0.625
  • FOV (mm): 20-500
  • Max scan range (in/mm): 79/2000
  • Max scan rotations: 100
  • Volume scan pitch: 0.578 to 1.578

Scan Acquisition Times
  • Scanogram with real-time display – AP & Lateral
  • Normal scan - axial mode
  • Volume scan - helical mode
  • Shuttle scan mode
  • ECG Scan modes (option), Retrospective and Prospective

  • Gantry aperture: 80cm
  • Gantry tilt: +/- 30 degrees
  • Gantry Display: 15 inch LCD
  • Scan localizer

X-Ray Detector
  • Type: Solid state ceramic
  • Coverage: 4cm with 64 rows
  • Detector elements: 64 x 888

X-Ray Tube
  • Anode heat capacity: 7.5MHU
  • Anode max. cooling rate: 1,386kHU/min
  • Tube cooling: Oil/Air
  • Focal Spot (mm): 0.7 x 0.8; 1.2 x 1.4

Header: X-Ray Generator
  • Output: 84kW
  • kVp selection: 80, 100, 120, 140kV
  • mA selection: 10-700mA (5mA steps)

Patient Table
  • Table-top width: 18in (45.7cm)
  • Table weight capacity: 550 lbs (250kgs)
  • Horizontal accuracy: ±0.25mm
  • Vertical travel range: as low as 49cm to 97cm
  • Lateral Shift Motion ±10cm (20cm total range)
  • Scannable range 200cm

Operators Console
  • Display: single 24-inch LCD widescreen monitor
  • Display resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • UPS for console and image processor

Image Reconstruction
  • Matrix: 512 x 512
  • Image reconstruction time: up to 60 images/second (depending on protocol)
  • Immediate image preview
  • CT number range: -32,768 to +32,767
  • ECG Scan modes (option), Retrospective and Prospective

Dose Reporting
  • Simple Dose Report
  • DICOM Dose Structured Report (SR)
  • CT Dose Check (NEMA XR-25)
  • NEMA Smart Dose Compliant (XR-29)

  • Minimum room size: 285 Sq. Ft.
  • Typical room size: 520 Sq. Ft.

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