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Oasis MR

Hitachi Oasis MR

The Highest Field Strength Open MRI

The Oasis 1.2T MRI system sets a high standard for patient-centric care. A unique achievement in high-performance imaging, the Oasis truly open architecture features advanced magnet design, Zenith RF Technology and robust clinical capabilities.

With an unobstructed viewing angle and the industry’s most accommodating patient table, even the most challenging patients can be handled with confidence, without compromising on safety, performance, or efficiency.

Oasis MR image
Hitachi Oasis MR image

Oasis Open High-Field Imaging

Ultrasound Hitachi has been a leading pioneer of patient friendly MR systems, demonstrated by open MR innovations for over 25 years. Now with Oasis 1.2T - the highest field strength open MR in the industry - we offer high field imaging with the greatest degree of patient-centric features that minimize obstacles and delays associated with scanning challenging patients.

Oasis will enable you to capture and retain the broadest patient demographic, and reach your market potential. With the combination of unmatched patient comfort, high field strength, efficient workflow and a 99% uptime guarantee, Oasis 1.2T completes your imaging portfolio ensuring all patient referrals can be comfortably handled with the best diagnostic results available.

Outstanding Comfort Delivers Outstanding Quality

The powerful, cutting edge Oasis imaging architecture delivers its outstanding clinical imaging benefits including a broad range of pulse sequences, sequence enhancements, analysis capabilities, and post processing tools to ensure high diagnostic performance.

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Only the Oasis allows all anatomy to be imaged at iso-center for remarkable RF fat saturation and inherent high SNR, complimented by HOAST. Isotropic sequences (isoFSE) enable reformats into high-resolution oblique and thin slice data sets for viewing intricate anatomy. Variable bandwidth sequences like primeFSE enable fast and effective implant imaging.

Oasis MR Musculoskeletal Imaging

Proton density with RF fat saturation

Oasis MR Musculoskeletal Imaging

8 cm FOV with 2.5 mm slice thickness

Neuro Imaging

The vital pulse sequences, acquisition features and post processing tools for high-quality imaging of head/neck and spinal structures are standard on Oasis. ADAGE (combined gradient echo) and isoFSE deliver high contrast, high SNR acquisitions providing detailed visualization of spinal abnormalities. Advanced neurological imaging includes susceptibility imaging, perfusion, spectroscopy and more.

Oasis MR Neuro Imaging


Oasis MR Neuro Imaging

3D primeFSE acquisition with volume rendered reformat

Vascular Imaging

A diverse suite of angiography capabilities including conventional 2D/3D TOF, advanced acquisition techniques such as the VASC suite for comprehensive non-contrast imaging, and 3D vessel post rocessing features provide the tools you need in this fast-growing application segment. Advanced techniques like SIR-Map, Hitachi’s exclusive carotid plaque imaging capability set Oasis apart.

Oasis MR Vascular Imaging

VASC-ASL non-contrast MRA

Oasis MR Vascular Imaging

High resolution 3D TOF

Body Imaging

High SNR from a 1.2T magnet and Zenith RF coil technology is complemented by fast imaging techniques including RAPID parallel imaging and TIGRE dynamic imaging, while Hitachi’s RADAR provides robust compensation for involuntary motion. Customized scanning protocols for pelvis, MRCP, kidneys and liver imaging, as well as cardiac, breast and prostate acquisitions round out a comprehensive body suite.

Oasis MR Body Imaging

TIGRE dynamic breast imaging

Oasis MR Body Imaging

T2 FSE single-shot breath-hold in 16 seconds


Oasis MR Pediatric Imaging

Continuous contact during the exam


Oasis MR Bariatric Imaging

Comfortably image the largest patients


Oasis MR Geriatric Imaging

Easy patient access to reduce stress and worry


Oasis MR Claustrophobic Imaging

Open, approachable, relaxing

Designed for Challenging Patients

No matter how challenging the patient or situation, Oasis is designed to simplify imaging difficult patients including pediatric, bariatric, geriatric and claustrophobic. The widest patient table, unlimited lateral opening, robust motion compensation are just a few of the features that make all patients more comfortable and relaxed during the scan.

RADAR motion compensation enables high quality imaging while reducing the need for re-scans for pediatric and geriatric patients where motion is an obstacle. The large opening and unobstructed view help alleviate concerns of claustrophobic patients while increasing accommodation of bariatric patients. All of these challenges derive from anxiety and access, and Oasis makes scanning all these patients more comfortable and efficient.

Industry Leading Support Services

Imaging professionals continue looking to Hitachi for exceptional imaging systems and lifecycle value. Oasis comes with an assurance of success in achieving business goals while offering the highest standard of care. From maximizing equipment uptime, through maintaining optimal image quality from patient to patient, to helping you market your MRI imaging service, you’ll find Hitachi delivers benefits not found anywhere else:

Seamless Planning, Installation, and Maintenance

Site Planning
With thousands of successful installations, our team provides timely and efficient Oasis placement every step of the way. And our site planners are backed by Hitachi-trained engineers who bring your system to optimal performance through final factory specification.

Remote Diagnostics
The immediacy of Sentinel™ Remote Diagnostics provides advanced capability for our technical center to remotely access your system. Our experts can send and receive images, run diagnostics, look at raw data, read error messages, monitor operating parameters and more.

99% Uptime Guarantee
Expect reliability. Your system is running 99% of the time during every quarter or you receive an additional month of service at no cost.

Applications and Training Support for Immediate Efficiency

On-Site Unlimited Applications
Initial applications training comes in a comprehensive two-week program. However, we don’t stop there. You can take advantage of unlimited access to clinical applications support as you need it.

Call Center Support
Applications phone support is available from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, and is staffed by Hitachi-experienced MRI technologists, ready to help you with your clinical challenge.

Training Classes
The Hitachi Institute for MRI Technologists (HITS) is designed to prepare technologists for initial on-site training, educate new users to MRI principles or to assist experienced personnel with Hitachi MRI System’s capabilities.

Accreditation Support
Hitachi provides a highly informative Hitachi specific Accreditation Guidebook. Additionally, we will assist you in collecting technical equipment performance data, phantom testing, and we are available to advise you on all aspects of the accreditation programs via the Applications Helpline.

Comprehensive Marketing Assistance

Customer Marketing
Hitachi knows to have a commercially successful MRI business, you have to do much more than simply open your doors. That’s why we provide an array of marketing tools to promote your facility to both referring physicians and patients alike. The Oasis Marketing Guide includes referring physician and patient education materials, press releases, photography and more.

In addition to basic marketing support, Hitachi offers the Advanced Marketing Program (AMP) to Oasis customers. This is a strategic level program uses your facilities logo, colors and branding and requires no creative or development cost. Some of the Hitachi AMP benefits are:

  • Strategic briefing
  • Print ad creation
  • Billboard design
  • Mailer design

  • Copy writing assistance
  • Introduction materials
  • Referring physician sheets
  • Product banners for web site

  • Patient downloads for web site
  • Posters
  • Flash Ads
  • And more