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Konica Minolta Performance DR

Konica Minolta has created PerformanceDR, the wireless DR solution that offersthe convenience of Automatic Exposure Detection (AeroSync®) eliminating the connection to the generator, and the outstanding performance of Konica Minolta Digital Radiography detectors.

Superior Image Quality

CS-7 and Ultra feature Konica Minolta’s Hybrid (H) Processing; a unique image processing technique developed to realize superior image quality and improved patient diagnosis and easily integrate with existing RIS and PACS infrastructure to enable the technologist to acquire, view, and complete a study in a smooth, time saving workflow

The Right Size for your Practice

Private Practice and Outpatient Clinics requiring wireless DR productivity and that have already implemented PACS. It includes Konica Minolta’s PerformanceDR flat panel detector and Ultra Software that simplifies DR image acquisition. PerformanceDR offers only the features needed for primary acquisition.

Key Features

Up to 125 exposures/ 3.4 hours Study Append Study Append
~ 10 second Panel Refresh Time (SSRM ~ 6 seconds) (Cycle Time) Free Text Annotation Free Text Annotation
Meets International Specifications for true 14x17 cassette size Study List Filter Study List Filter
Wireless Connectivity Package (includes Access Point) History Search History Search
Lithium Ion capacitor includes exclusive 7 year Warranty against replacement features (audit trail, auto log-out) features (password for reduced operational cost Image Zoom Image Zoom
AeroDR Docking Station
  • FPD Activation Module
  • FPD Recovery Module
Grid Suppression Grid Suppression
AeroSync Connectivity HIPAA compliance enabling features (audit trail, auto log-out) HIPAA compliance enabling features (password protection, screen black out)
Procedure Code Mapping Tool Procedure Code Mapping Tool
Foldering Study Combine and Move
DICOM Modality Worklist DICOM Modality Worklist
Image Gently / Image Wisely
Image Merge

Comprehensive Coverage for Peace of Mind

Blue Moon TCO for PerformanceDR is designed to maximize customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of the imaging system while helping customers manage their cost of ownership.

The support approach from Konica Minolta, in conjunction with Authorized Reseller Partners, creates a simple path for ongoing support. Blue Moon support plans help deliver value and confidence while ensuring the worry-free operation of every PerformanceDR system.

Purchase up front as a 5-year TCO option for the lowest long term cost of ownership or pay annually to suit the financing requirement.