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Canon Omnera 400T

Designed with Value and Workflow in Mind.

Canon Omnera 400T

Digital radiographic system offering flexibility and performance

This high-quality, manual positioning system features tracking of the digital detector to the wall and table for fast workflows.

The OMNERA 400T self-supporting X-ray installation cube provides the flexibility of a true-ceiling mounted system without expensive overhead ceiling construction costs.

  • Two height versions available, both with customizable rail lengths
  • Fast installation
  • Also appropriate for short-term or temporary clinical areas where the system can be relocated when needed

Canon Omnera 400T

Versatile Patient Table

  • Flexible elevating 4-way table
  • Standard table offers 650 lb patient load capacitys
  • Choice of table according to specific site needs

Fast and effortless positioning

  • Servo tracking to both wall stand and table
  • Wall stand support rail for lateral exams comes standard
  • Foot control for wall stand and table

Seamless Operation and Efficient Workflow

  • Optimized, customizable workflow
  • Standard detector charging in wall stand and table
  • Intuitive 10” touch screen with one touch technique adjustment and image preview