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CMS Leadership

John Sloan John Sloan


John graduated with X-Ray Engineering Degree in Jacksonville, Florida. Worked as an X-ray engineer for various Commercial Companies prior to moving to Charleston, SC in 1984, where he eventually held a position as a lead Engineer and worked on MRI, Cath and Angio labs. In 1987, John founded CMS Imaging, Inc., as an Independent Service Organization (ISO) for Medical Imaging to service the Carolinas. CMS Imaging is presently providing Medical Imaging Sales and Service in 9 states in the southeast and is rated as the top ISO in the nation. John is the current President of CMS Imaging and continues to lead the organization into the future.

In 2001 he purchased Avreo, Inc. to provide customers with software to read, store, and manage their digital Images and reports. Avreo was one of the first solutions for Radiology that provided RIS, PACS, Dictation, Transcription, and Auto Report Delivery all in a single application, single data database. Avreo has achieved the number 1 rating from KLAS for community hospitals and the ambulatory market and the Frost and Sullivan Award for Product Innovation. He currently holds the position of President and CEO and will continue to develop new strategies that will keep Avreo a leader in the market.

In 2010, John wrote a business process for Ambulatory Integration that was later patented. This Ambulatory Integration Method was developed to assist hospitals and healthcare systems with integrating their ambulatory acquisitions into their corporate environment with a higher degree of success. Ambulatory Integration Concepts was formed and is currently helping Hospitals nationwide with their Ambulation Integration which also provides other healthcare consulting in the Ambulatory Market. John is the Chairman of the board for AIC.

As a true visionary John has been working with Chief Michell Hicks, former Eastern Band Cherokee Chief since 2012 to develop a revolutionary healthcare delivery system for Native Americans. After evaluating the current Indian healthcare model in place it was evident that the systems that were designed in the 50’s were outdated and are not adequately performing in today’s environment. In 2016 he Formed Gen7 Healthcare to build this new Native-owned healthcare model and extend it into the commercial market. The Gen7 Model will raise the level of tribal healthcare and provide new local services that were once not available in most tribal health systems. The Gen7 Model will also provide tribes with new revenue streams that will be less reactionary to economic downturns.