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Del Medical U-Arm

Del Medical U-Arm Systems are designed for use in hospital emergency rooms, orthopaedic and all general radiographic applications. The U-Arm maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of tilt position or image receptor angle. The extraordinary flexibility of this system makes it ideal for all radiographic procedures including sitting, erect and recumbent positions.


Key benefits of the Del Medical U-Arm include:
  • Detector-side control panel for operator convenience
  • Standard touch buttons located on the X-Ray tube cover
  • Electromagnetic brake system for telescopic lift and transverse track
  • The intelligent, anti-collision system consists of two laser beams, a pressure sensor and a bumper detector, making patient positioning quick, easy and safe


Dual speed motorized movement for: SID adjustment, Arm elevating movement and rotation of the arm
Vertical travel: 47.8" (1.215mm)
Rotation angle: 150° (90° +/- 30°)
Line voltage: 230; 240VAC (single phase)
PPG: Power consumption: 2,5 kVa
STD: Power consumption: 1,5 kVa

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