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CXDI - Fixed Digital Detectors

CXDI-401G Digital Radiography System

CXDI-401C Digital Radiography System

Canon CXDI - Fixed Digital Detectors

The CXDI-401G COMPACT and CXDI-401C COMPACT Digital Radiography Systems feature a 125 micron pixel pitch resulting in high resolution and allows for easy upgrades to existing radiography equipment. These systems also fit easily into most universal Bucky systems. This unit can be retrofitted into a range of radiography devices, such as upright stands and tables.

  • Image Area: 17 in. x 17 in.
  • Weight: 15.4lbs.
  • Pixels: 3320 x 3408
  • Pixel Pitch: 125 microns (9.5 megapixels)
  • H/D: 14-bit
  • Greyscale Output: 4096 (12-bit)


  • High Resolution and High Sensitivity
    • With a 125 micron pixel pitch; these Systems deliver exceptional spatial resolution. The 3 second exposure time allows these sensors to be used with tomography equipment and for other exams that may require these longer exposures.
  • Immediate Results
    • An on-screen preview image is available 3 seconds after exposure. Immediate viewing of high resolution images used in the control software is available on the control workstation (sold separately).
  • CXDI Control Software NE
    • The CXDI-401C COMPACT Digital Radiography System uses the Canon CXDI Control Software NE. The intuitive operation of this software gives a wide range of selections directly from the main menu and yet images can be taken within three touches. The CXDI Control Software NE also has image processing that can show the subtle details of trabecular bone structure and soft tissue in the same image.