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Universal FWFC

Universal FWFC System

FWFC Mounted Tube Stand with Four Way Float Table


Key benefits of the Universal FWFC include:
  • Four-way float table with 700lb. (318kg) patient load capacity
  • Tube stand with 180 degrees column rotation, centering detent and electric vertical and longitudinal locks
  • Counterbalanced wall stand with electric locks

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Ceiling height: Min. 96" (244cm) Max. 116" (295cm)
Vertical travel: Min. 12" (26.5xm), Max 73" (189cm)
Longitudinal Rails: 8' standard, 12' and 6' optional
Longitudinal Travel: 96" (244cm) with 8ft rail
Transverse Travel 9" (23cm)
Column rotation: ±180° with detents 0°, 90°, 90°
Tube rotation: +180°, -180°

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