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Trinias B12 MiX

"Crossover the Field, It's a Whole New Experience"

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX
The synergy between Trinias and medical care providers committed to providing the highest quality medical treatment and interventions leads to better patient-centered care. Reflecting years of experience Trinias has been painstakingly developed in conjunction with our customers. Featuring new software and hardware, the new MiX package allows you to fully experience just how much more advanced and powerful the system is and how it supports even less invasive procedures.

Experience the Next Frontier of Intervention

Next generation image processing engine SCORE PRO Advance, extremely motion tolerant DSA technique SCORE RSM, stent enhancement software SCORE StentView +Plus and advanced 3D applications ensure powerful support for advanced interventions.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX


SCORE PRO Advance provides high-quality radiographic and fluoroscopic images with a lower dose. Especially, new motion tracking noise reduction technology achieves to reduce noise and allows sufficient visibility of the tip of guide wire and catheter.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SCORE RSM is an extremely motion tolerant DSA technique. This application is especially effective for tracking across the entire lower extremities, 3D imaging in combination with C-arm movement and examinations on patients who have difficulty holding their breath.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SCORE StentView +Plus - Optional
SCORE StentView+Plus is software developed specifically to support PCI procedures based on real-time image processing technology, a specialty of Shimadzu. Stents move with the pulse beat. However, SCORE StentView+Plus displays stents in a fixed position, not through post-processing, but rather in real time. This is particularly effective for assessing positional relationships between overlapping stents, or when re-expanding a stent using a balloon.
Newly, the function for specifying the region of interest (ROI) became available. It allows multiple markers to be used for automatic detection, rather than two markers as in previous versions, which contributes to higher detection efficiency and shorter examination times.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SCORE MAP includes the new TraceMAP function. TraceMAP creates an overlay image on fluoroscopy by automatically tracing the contours of vessels from the DSA image. This makes it possible to recognize bifurcation and control devices quickly and easily in various vascular interventions such as EVT etc. TraceMAP is easy to operate, automatically tracing the contours of vessels from the DSA image and overlaying these on the fluoroscopic image. In addition, manually drawn lines or guides can be used to provide further flexibility.

SCORE 3D - Optional
SCORE 3D application allows rapid display of the 3D reconstructed images automatically after rotational radiography. With a top rotational image acquisition speed of 60 degrees per second, the shorter contrast medium injection time reduces the burden on patients and ensuring high image quality.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SCORE CT is an application for observing the cross sectional image of low contrast regions. The application has 2 modes for use depending on the procedure and radiographic region of interest. Axial, coronal, and sagittal images are displayed automatically after radiography.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

The Trinias series MiX package increases the image processing gray scale from 14-bit to 16-bit, significantly improving image quality for SCORE CT where low-contrast resolution is of particular importance.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus - Optional
SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus is an application that utilizes pre-procedure images to support minimally invasive interventions. By synchronizing the C-arm projections to pre-procedure MDCT images, the system enables these MDCT images to be used as a reference during interventions, reducing contrast media usage and X-ray dose. Registration of the MDCT images and the fluoroscopy images is easily achieved by performing fluoroscopy in 2 directions and the system will perform an automatic alignment. The software can also overlay images onto fluoroscopy, which allows you to adjust the rate of blending. The Navi+Plus application also includes a virtual stent feature that allows you to simulate the stent size and placement position before carrying out a procedure.

SMART Design

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SMART Access

Arm positioning and setting with a biplane system is more complex than a single-plane system. CyberChase function provides rapid biplane positioning to a region of interest, without altering the table height.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SMART Assist
Lever type C-Arm Controller CyberConsole and DirectMemory for quick C-Arm positioning provide single-action performance to make system control in the examination room and control room as simple as possible.

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SMART Display - Optional
With the large 58-inch high-resolution color LCD/touch panel, the operator can select the optimal display of image data to suit the procedure and treatment.

Safety + Comfort = SMILE

Trinias C12 / F12 MiX

SMILE Dose-eye
SMILE Dose-eye achieves an excellent system-wide optimization between lower dose and high image quality.

SMILE Recovery - Optional
High-speed setup, data mirroring for redundant data architecture and backup filament for X-ray tube benefit both patients and operators.

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