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Shimadzu Trinias C16/B12/C12/F12 unity edition

Product Line-up

Trinias B12 unity edition

B12 unity edition
Bi-plane system

Trinias C16 unity edition

C16 unity edition
Single plane system

Trinias C12 unity edition

C12 unity edition
Single plane system

Trinias F12 unity edition

F12 unity edition
Single plane system

unity: unlimited intelligent technology

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

Trinias has designed in smart form with pleasant colors such as light-green and white. This intelligent design inspires both patients and clinical users with confidence and relax.

Trinias unity edition

Customize for your efficient workflow
Expanding the coverage of clinical solution, large FOV 12"x16" FPD and multi-functionality patient table which supports flexible table positioning by tilting function become available. The bed side operations such as selecting acquisition modes, switching reference images and display layouts are integrated into the intuitive and customizable touch panel console, SMART Touch, which maximizes the efficiency of workflow.

Trinias unity edition

Real-time artifact optimization technique, "Flex-APS"
This technique is an automatic offset function for optimizing miss-registrations of DSA.Flex-APS automatically detects and optimizes the sectional pixel movement gap between MASK image and each frame image regardless of ROI's movement direction such as twisting.

Trinias unity edition

Regions of Interest can be Specified

Specifying a region of interest (ROI) improves device detection efficiency, even if multiple devices are present.

"SCORE StentView" displaying stents moving with heartbeat in a fixed position in real-time
SCORE StentView, which allows you to enhance stents and fix their position in dynamic images in real time, is exactly software developed to support PCI. It is effective to make sure the positional relationship when overlaying stents and/or when re-extending balloon in a deployed stent. In addition, the ROI setting function that enables automatic detection with multiple markers improves detection efficiency and contributes to shortening procedure time.

“SCORE StentShot” delivering High-Definition Stent Enhancement image
By emphasizing the stent and reducing image noise drastically, it improves stent visibility without increasing X-ray dose further.

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