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A powerful web-based medical viewer with a consolidated worklist that offers anywhere, anytime access to varied clinical data - all from a single login.


  • View studies anywhere, anytime on your laptop or mobile device
  • Web-Based, multi-modality universal viewer
  • Consolidated worklist with smart hanging protocols and multi-monitor support
  • Ultra-fast streaming technology
  • User-friendly design with fully customizable interface
  • Enhanced zero footprint viewer - requires no download and leaves no trace
  • Graphical timeline of the patient's clinical history
  • Burn CD/DVDS and export studies effortlessly
  • Import DICOM and non-DICOM files
  • Advanced reporting tool with structural reporting
  • Powerful business analytic tools to monitor facility workflow
  • Advanced Collaboration and Image Sharing Tools
  • Access to images and reports from any iOS and Android devices using our mobile viewer app- iPaxera

View Studies anywhere, anytime on your laptop or mobile device


  • Tailor user accounts through administrator rights to control permissions and access to studies
  • One-click functionality to import or export studies with other PACS servers, publish to CD/DVD media or compare studies seamlessly
  • Share studies via a unique URL with our Zero Footprint Viewer (ZFP)
  • The ultra-fast streaming engine enables access to large studies in seconds without compromising image quality
  • Complete reporting workflow with advanced reporting tool, add custom header and facility logo; sign-off reports with a digital time stamp and signature
  • Advanced viewing protocols configuration with multi-monitor support

Additonal modules to compelte your workflow cycle

  • Mammography Tools:Double-blind reading workflow, structural reporting tool for diagnosis, bi-rad categories, tomosynthesis, breast MRI, CAD toolbox, standard and custom viewing protocols, and more
  • Cardiology Tools: Cine-loops, ECG toolbox, cardiac US, cardiac CT, CATHLAB, view multi-modalities simultaneously, structural reporting workflow, supports synchronized gating, digital subtraction angiography, and more
  • Peer-Review: Configure an automated workflow for anonymized report reviews within the facility
  • Critical Results: Ensure timely response and appropriate follow-up measures
  • Patient Engagement: Next-generation patient engagement solution featuring appointment reminders, real-time access to images and reports, and more

Daily workflow requirements are streamlined through smart filters, protocols, and full customization of the viewer's interface.

Available as a full cloud, hybrid, or local solution

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