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Created by radiologists, computer engineers and IT professionals with
a combined experience in radiology of more than 30 years.


Optimizer software can be used within our universal worklist or conjunction with your commercially available PACS system.

The program uses a proprietary algorithm to distribute cases in real time to any number of assigned users. Distribution can even be modified by user-defined preferences. Some common preferences may include or exclude a modality, select work from a certain facility or referring doctor. The preferences can also be used to maximize sub-specialization or to allow radiologists to interpret exams they prefer to read.

The addition of Optimizer to your PACS will lead to increased job satisfaction, create a higher quality of work and will lead to a more efficient use of the radiologist. Regardless of the specific preferences radiologists prefer, the software balances the workload so all users receive the same volume of work.
  • Whether at a hospital or within a busy radiology group, Optimizer helps manage the workflow in all types of medical environments.
  • Optimizer manages the staggered reading times of radiologists, even for those reading cases remotely while on call.
  • With a more efficient system to regulate and expedite the workload, patient satisfaction numbers will rise as wait times for cases decreases.

Optimizer is designed to:
  • Equally Distribute Work In Real Time
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Increase Productivity
  • Balance Workloads
  • Improve Profit And Satisfaction
  • Reduce Physician Staffing


Data mining has become essential for the survival of a radiology group in today’s ultra-competitive market. Our system gives you the ability to display your data at your fingertips.

The dashboards and scorecards can be used to create reports or to monitor performance.

Typical configuration:
  1. Standard dashboards showing your data in real-time
  2. Fully customizable dashboards with unlimited options for display
  3. View metrics such as exam volume and productivity on the fly
  4. Monitor turnaround time from any or all locations

Why is this here?
Relative value units (RVU) were created as a payment model which based payment on work effort associated with each exam. In practice, the RVU’s are a good framework but do not reflect the actual effort or time needed to interpret an exam. PACS Harmony (PH) developed a system to account for such discrepancies by allowing you to assign a given value to each exam which we call Harmony value (HV). The HV was created by radiologists for radiologists to design more fair system. HV can be modified, simply by customizing each group’s own values.

SAMR (Structured Analytics and Metrics Reporting)
  • Real time Radiologist Productivity reports – Customized radiologists comparison reporting- anonymously or transparently.
  • Self-service reporting module – Benchmarking in real time. Trend analysis through customized timeframes.
  • Create your own customized reports with grids, graphs and tables that can be viewed or exported for use in principle reports.
  • Customize and modify RVU data to reflect actual and relevant productivity through intelligent rules based system.
  • Algorithm uses radiologist preferences and capabilities while analyzing case complexity for measured distribution and reporting.
  • Intelligent rules based system increases productivity 10-20% increasing group profitability
  • Forward thinking logic can predict staffing needs.
  • Proprietary system governs workflow in teleradiology systems based on radiologists preferences
  • Built in scheduler obviates need for third party programs
  • Peer review
  • Integrated videoconferencing, messaging and video chat communication
  • Meet Join Commission standards with real-time metrics and reporting

Universal Patient List

The Universal patient list gives the radiologist all the functionality of your native work list and more. Our fully featured product connects with virtually all PACS. We have multiple options available and they are user configurable.

The Universal viewer can launch one or multiple PACS, fetch priors and integrates with most dictation systems.