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Del Medical VS200

Designed specificaly for clinical upright radiography, the VS200 vertical wallstand is a stable film platform. The VS200 meets all the requirements for upright radiography. The image receptor lowers to floor level to permit weight bearing studies. Side mounted patient handgrips aide in stabilizing the patient.


Key benefits of the Del Medical VS200 include:
  • Concealment of cabling within flexible tubing
  • Slender column design
  • Smooth vibration free movement
  • Structured architectural look


Column height: 83" (210.8cm)
Height (includes vertical travel): 84" (213.4cm)
Depth: 12.4" (31.4cm)
Receptor width: 24.6" (62.5cm)
Weight (with receptor): 250 lbs. (113.4kg)
Front panel aluminum equivalency: 0.4 mm
Options: Overhead patient handgrips
17" x 17" (43cm x 43cm) grid cabinet or bucky
Deluxe, heavy-duty manual cassette tray
Rotating Tray Cabinet
Floor mount kit for freestanding version
Wall mount bracket extension kit
Auto tracking kit
Variety of grid options

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