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RadPRO Mobile 40kW Digital X-Ray System

Canon RadPRO Mobile 40kW Digital X-Ray System

Designed for productivity and equipped with a choice of Canon digital flat panel detectors, this portable x-ray system is like having a radiography room on wheels. Fast processing times make it easy to capture high-quality diagnostic images for routine diagnosis or trauma. Provides flexibility in patient positioning and the ability to manage or manipulate images at bedside.


  • Choice of Canon CXDI Wireless detectors
  • Available in both single-detector and dual-panel detector configurations
  • Patented wireless distributed antennae system can increase wireless range 40% over single access point systems
  • Secondary drive controls on tube handle for quick positioning without needing to return to the main console
  • Precision positioning buttons from the handles of the tube arm
  • Canon CXDI Control Software NE, included with the CXDI Detector, helps to optimize workflow and reduce the steps needed to complete exams
  • Built-in disaster recovery capability helps to restore the mobile hard drive on site
  • Narrow width helps make it ideal for restricted spaces
  • Two battery systems provide independent power for exposure control and the drive system to reduce power drain