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Shimadzu RADspeed Fit

RADspeed Fit

The RADspeed fit is a space-saving integrated system supporting general-purpose radiography with a high performance generator, easy operation with a floating tabletop and flexible tube stand positioning.

Fully Integrated System

RADspeed Fit

The high-powered X-ray generator is integrated into the patient table ensuring a small footprint and flexible installation options.

A choice of 32kw or 56kw is available to best suite your requirements.

Flexible Positioning

RADspeed Fit
The floating tabletop provides a wide imaging area and smooth positioning.

The X-ray tube can pivot 180° around the support column to perform examinations on stretcher patients behind the table and can go close to the floor for lower extremities and wheelchair patients.

One Touch Control

RADspeed Fit
Fine adjustment and positioning is supported by a one-touch locking system.

Once the technique and body part is selected, the recommended SID, cassette size and grid are displayed to support an effective workflow

Wheelchair Examinations

RADspeed Fit

To support speedy positioning, the system is equipped with an All-Free switch that allows you to freely move the X-ray tube vertically or laterally with a single touch.

Stretcher Examinations

RADspeed Fit

The X-ray tube arm can pivot 180° around the support column, so you can perform radiography with a stretcher or wheelchair on the far side of the tabletop.

Bucky Wall Stand

RADspeed Fit

A bucky wall stand provides for convenient erect examinations.

Digital DR Imaging

RADspeed FitA choice of Digital DR systems is available to best suite your requirements, further improving your department’s workflow.

After the exposure, a preview image appears on the display of the DR console in less than two seconds.

The DR console has a user-friendly customisable graphic interface adding new and powerful functions.


The microprocessor controlled X-ray generator provides accurate and consistent X-ray parameters for precise imaging while the Automatic Exposure Control ensures the correct dose at all times. A DAP meter displays the patient dose and the X-ray grid can be removed to further reduce patient dose.

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