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MobileDaRt Evolution SZ Type

"Advanced Digital Mobile System with Wireless FPD for Greater Ease-of-Use"

Best in KLAS 2015

MobileArt Evolution SZ Type
The wireless flat panel integrated into the 32 kW X-ray system is designed to give maximum performance and flexibility within a modern hospital environment. The speed of operation of this system, in fields demanding rapid intervention such as Emergency and Pediatric Medicine by virtue of the 3 second display time for images at the console provides excellent clinical worth.

The new wireless FPD expands the product range and allows easy positioning in restricted spaces when combined with the intuitive movements of the MobileDaRt Evolution.

Wireless FPD Makes Handling Easier

MobileArt Evolution SZ Type

The wireless FPD makes it easy to maintain the system asepsis in the operating room or infectious diseases ward. The system offers excellent positioning, with no concerns about cables.

Low Dose for Patients with High Image Resolution

MobileArt Evolution SZ Type
Supports display of X-ray exposure dose - Optional
Two kinds of dose management tools are available according to the needs of facilities. A Dose Area Product (DAP) meter can be mounted to the front of the collimator to display dose measurements on the display panel. If a dose calculation function is incorporated in the system, the estimated skin dose is displayed on the main unit display panel prior to taking exposures. Dose data measured with a dose area product meter or calculated skin dose can also be output in DICOM format.

State-of-the-Art Control Software

MobileArt Evolution SZ Type

The optimized workflow reduces steps and supports multiple study acquisition.

High Power Minimizes Effect by Patient Motion

With radiography of children and emergency cases where it is difficult to maintain a stable posture, there is a tendency for images to be blurred due to patient movement. With MobileDaRt Evolution, a maximum output of 32 kw allows for shorter exposure times, eliminating blurring issues.

User Friendly Design Ensures Quick Positioning and Smooth Responsive Mobility

MobileArt Evolution SZ Type
Light-touch, Natural Maneuvering

A light pressure applied to the drive handle moves the mobile system in a natural manner as if it were an extension of one's hand, allowing the MobileDaRt Evolution to be controlled easily and effortlessly.


The MobileDaRt Evolution can be moved forward or backward by using the bedside drive controls located on the front of the collimator. Safety is a major consideration and any sudden force applied to the handle during "Inch-mover" operation stops the MobileDaRt Evolution automatically. In addition, X-ray irradiation is also automatically disabled during any movement of the MobileDaRt Evolution.

Keyless Entry - Optional

Setting a password for each user enables keyless use of the system.
The Key-less Entry enables to turn on the system by 4 digits key command input without any actual key, which is useful to share the units by several staffs.

Wireless Networking - Optional
Standard MobileDaRt Evolution features include support of DICOM print and storage. Output data in DICOM format to a laser printer, image server, or viewer using the provided LAN connection. Optional wireless network connection is available that provides even greater freedom for communication to RIS or PACS while moving the unit.

Wide Variety of Wireless FPD

MobileArt Evolution SZ Type
MobileArt Evolution SZ Type
MobileArt Evolution SZ Type
Supports Display of X-ray Exposure Dose - Wireless FPD gives excellent solutions with a variety of lineup. Compact FPD is recommended for NICU and orthopedics and large field FPD is suitable in emergency room and ICU.

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