Angiography & Cardiac Catheterization

CMS Imaging will be your partner in choosing the best angiography and cardiac catheterization systems to suit your practice needs. We offer the latest in technology from Shimadzu, including the Trinias systems, which allows you to choose either an 8 x 8 FPD or the high-performance 12 x 12 FPD and the best mounting solution for your space. 

First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is an 8-doctor multi-specialty cardiology practice.  The practice took on the complex and risky proposition of a physician owned cath lab (“POL”).  CMS helped us plan, design, acquire, install, test and train on nearly all of the critical equipment in our POL.  Their help at every level made the difference between a successful lab and a devastating disaster.  Yes, their pricing and equipment were untouchable and those were critical elements.  But equally as important, and often overlooked, was the successful completion of all the other elements.  This includes to this day superior service and support now over a year after installation.  They remain important partners to this day.
       - James D. Needham, CEO, First Coast Heart & Vascular CenterFirst Coast Heart and Vascular Center

Trinias F12/C12 MiX Package

Trinias C12/F12 MiX Package 


Trinias B12 MiX Package

Trinias B12 MiX Package 

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Bransist Safire

Bransist Safire 

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Customized Hybrid Configurations and Endovascular Solutions
Customized Hybrid Configurations and Endovascular Solutions- First Coast Heart and Vascular Center, Jacksonville, FL

First Coast Heart and Vascular Center, Jacksonville, FL

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