Shimadzu Medical Systems Receives Highest Rating in MD Buyline Reports

Torrance, CA — July 6, 2016 - Shimadzu Medical Systems USA, a subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation, is proud to announce the latest MD Buyline satisfaction rating.  Healthcare research firm MD Buyline released its Q2 2016 Market Intelligence Brief™ for Q2 2016 to its vendor subscribers. This exclusive survey is based on nationwide, direct-user feedback from hundreds of healthcare providers who rely on MD Buyline’s healthcare market research to guide their critical decision making in budgeting, planning, selecting and acquiring medical equipment and technology.  

Suppliers are rated on a scale from 1 to 10 in six categories: 

  1. system performance,
  2. system reliability,
  3. installation and implementation,
  4. applications training,
  5. service response time and
  6. service repair quality.

Based solely on hospital user feedback, the Market Intelligence Brief™ is an unvarnished study of user opinion that helps MD Buyline’s Research and Analysis team to map trending in both end-user feedback and ratings of suppliers and technologies.

Shimadzu Medical Systems USA has received highest ratings in their class for overall customer satisfaction in Portable Radiographic Systems & Radiography and Fluoroscopy for Q2 2016. Shimadzu’s Portable Radiographic family includes: MobileDaRt Evolution EFX, MobileDaRt Evolution SZ, MobileArt Evolution Aero DR, and MobileArt Evolution EFX. The Radiography and Fluoroscopy product line include: Fluorospeed, Sonialvision Versa, and Sonialvision G4. Shimadzu Medical Systems can offer multiple DR solutions based on your preference.

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