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First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is an 8-doctor multi-specialty cardiology practice.  The practice took on the complex and risky proposition of a physician owned cath lab (“POL”).  CMS helped us plan, design, acquire, install, test and train on nearly all of the critical equipment in our POL.  Their help at every level made the difference between a successful lab and a devastating disaster.  Yes, their pricing and equipment were untouchable and those were critical elements.  But equally as important, and often overlooked, was the successful completion of all the other elements.  This includes to this day superior service and support now over a year after installation.  They remain important partners to this day.
       - James D. Needham, CEO, First Coast Heart & Vascular CenterFirst Coast Heart and Vascular Center

I have called CMS Imaging for everything from equipment, chemicals, lead, cassettes, service, promotional help and even policies for new equipment.  I have never been turned away, pushed aside, or treated like my momentary issue or crisis was anything less than their top priority.  I do not have another group to call that knows me by my first name.  They have always led me in the right direction that was best for our locations.  
       - Cara B. Oglesby (RT)R CT, Radiology Manager, Jenkins / Screven, Optim HealthcareOptim Healthcare

Over the previous two years, CMS Imaging has proven to be a valuable partner. Their service team provides prompt and courteous assistance when any issue occurs. Offering comprehensive maintenance and service for our imaging rooms helps deliver a one call service solution. CMS recently came on site to provide a complete assessment of our organizations imaging capabilities and needs. The sales team was easy to work with and accommodating, resulting in our partnership moving forward with upgrades and additional rooms over the next four years. TOC has been very happy with the partnership with CMS Imaging. 
       - Paul Bruning, DHA, Chief Operating Officer, Tallahassee Orthopedic ClinicTallahassee Orthopedic Clinic

I have been working with CMS Imaging since I arrived at Aiken Regional Medical Centers 12 years ago.  CMS Imaging is a great place for one-stop shopping! They carry multiple types of imaging equipment by quality manufacturers and offer extensive service coverage. 
       - Lisa Davis, Radiology and Cardiovascular Service Director, Aiken Regional Medical CentersAiken Regional Medical Center

Our CMS representative was well versed offering different options for us to improve our daily workflow.  Competitive pricing of course made the purchase easier.  Dual detectors in our very busy facility increased our throughput exponentially.  CMS Imaging sales, service, and dependability are the reasons we will go to them for future equipment endeavors.       Lake Medical Imaging     
 - Marcella "Chella" Volkmar, (RT)R, Director, Lake Medical Imaging

I have been working closely with [CMS Imaging] for a number of years. I have found [their] recommendations helpful and trustworthy.  My representative recommended our Canon DR system and it's been a great addition to our facility.  It's added efficiency to our x-ray department and the ability to handle an increase in patient numbers.  After analyzing our image viewing time frame from CR to DR in an average day, we saved almost 1.5 -2 hours of idle waiting on image development.      The service engineers are helpful and provide great customer service.  Even if the issue is difficult to correct, they are relentless to the task at hand and keep communication open.  I appreciate both sales and service with CMS Imaging and they are my first contact for any radiology projects.    
Lake Medical Imaging-Sandy Tidwell, RT(R)(M)(BD), Radiology Services Manager, Tallahassee Primary Care Associates

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